Homeless immigration

Every year loss of employment, the economic crisis, war, political repression or the lack of opportunities pushes millions of people to leave their countries and their homes in search of a decent life, which often develops into the struggle to survive: living to find a roof to sleep under.

The Cáritas association estimates that the number of homeless people in Spain stands at around 40,000. In the Basque Autonomous Community, the last research made by the institutions, calculated 1,836. Many people were foreigners. The irregular situation of a large number of these people means that their chances of finding their way out of poverty and destitution narrow even further due to the fact that they cannot exercise their rights. They are therefore faced with several kinds of marginalisation, discrimination and vulnerability not only making it impossible for them to find work but also excluding them from the health and welfare network.

A combination of circumstances drives these people into the street and out of the system. And it is that same system that refuses to take care of them, because they no longer meet the rules, a system which, through a so-called regulation of care resources, imposes a series of rules and requirements of access so rigid that they are once again denied the possibility of finding a way out of their marginalised situations.

Film: The Shelter

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