Traditions that violate human rights

It is important to conserve traditions and customs for the identity and idiosyncrasy of cultures. But what happens when these uses or traditions become justification for not respecting the freedoms and fundamental rights of people?

The practice of “bride kidnapping” for forced marriages, ablation or crimes of honour are only some of the many examples of violence practiced by men, infringing human rights and particularly those of women and children, who rely on traditions –and sometimes on cultural relativism– to perpetrate a patriarchal system of domination and discrimination for reasons of sex.

It is the women themselves who are standing up to these practices and, despite facing numerous risks and retaliations they have succeeded in convincing different states to abolish them, even if formally. In this respect, on 27 November 2013, the UN approved the first resolution in history in favour of protecting women who defend human rights.

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