Golf and urbanistic long balls

Although golf is a sport for the general public, not only reserved for the elite population, the fact is that the construction of golf courses generally causes substantial environmental impact, and to an even greater extent if they are associated to urbanistic macro-projects.

That’s why several environmental organisations denounce that the monoculture involved in creating a golf course destroys biological diversity and disrupts the migration corridors of animals and birds. They also raise the alarm as to the tremendous amount of water required to keep the ground green or to create artificial lakes, particularly in arid areas, and in a planet where water is not accessible for everyone. Added to this, to maintain the extensive grounds, chemical pesticides and fertilisers are used, likely to contaminate underground water tables.

The construction of golf courses is very often linked to outsized, unsustainable urbanistic operations serving as tourist attractions solely for those with high purchasing power, showing no care for the consequences on the landscape or the environment that their building implies.

Film: A Dangerous Game

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