Education and cooperative learning

The inclusion of new methods to the education system is essential in meeting the demands of the information and knowledge society. Motivating students is one of the challenges of the education system in an environment where unemployment, the lack of job opportunities and high school drop-out rates are a reality.

Budget cuts and policies that change with the wind of partisan interests have a prejudicial effect on education.

In this context, many schools try to stimulate the capacities of young people, boys and girls by introducing collaborative projects; a kind of education combining efforts, aptitudes and skills which help to address subjects from different angles thanks to group cohesion, empathy, experimenting and individual and collective practice. An endeavour is also made to highlight the potentialities of cultural diversity and a critical spirit.

Hence, master classes are left to one side. The teachers play a more interactive part: empathy and assertiveness are key characteristics of this new role where the emphasis shifts from the teachers themselves to their actions as facilitators of the learning processes.

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