Collective memory and repression

Memory is essential in building our personal and collective memories. However, certain events, such as a psychological trauma, can cause a series of alterations including memory loss or emotional block. Thus, injustice, violence or abuse of power affects the mental and physical health of people not only at personal level, but also in the collective memory, particularly after periods of war and repression.

The representations of the past gathered in their recollections by a group or collectivity can be distorted or erased from the mind, thereby affecting the collective memory, when silence and the attempt to go forward ignoring the past are used as tools to survive or overcome these traumatic experiences. But the amnesia isn’t real, since negative episodes spring up time and again in the minds of the people affected.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76) was a time of upheavals and repression in the intellectual and political sphere that has had repercussions on the memory of Chinese society.

Film: Coming Home

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