Neo-colonialism disguised as cooperation

The political, economic, geo-strategic and cultural interests of the former colonial powers and of emerging countries have morphed into a new form of colonialism, more subtle but with the same effects: neocolonialism.

Shielded by the excuse of “helping” impoverished countries out of their misery, the former colonialists, joined by other countries determined to grow economically no matter what the cost, continue to exploit natural and human resources, to spread ideologies and religions, to back corrupt governments and, at the end of the day, to develop economic models based on business globalisation standards.

In recent years, Africa has found a new ‘friend’ in China. The country has become its major commercial partner in sectors such as telecommunications, infrastructures, energy, production, agriculture and finances. However, the local population condemns the fact that they are not the true beneficiaries of their investments, but rather the political and economic elite. South Sudan is one of these countries. A region marked by violence, malnutrition and hundreds of thousands of refugees, a place where enormous petrol resources are an incentive for corruption and power struggles.

Film: We Come As Friends

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