Breaking away from roles and new forms of cooperation

There are different ways to cooperate. The option backed by India’s Barefoot College is to break away from the patriarchal roles assigned to the female sex and from traditional methods of cooperation in the country. It therefore selects women from rural areas who barely know how to read and write, completely separating them from their communities for a temporary period of time to train them and teach them new realities. The participants travel to India, where they live for six months with women from different parts of the world.

Thousands of kilometres from their everyday environments, these women prove to themselves and the world that they are capable of learning, in a language they don’t know, how to install and repair solar panels to become “the women of light” or “engineers of light” in their communities. They are the agents of change thanks to the training they receive and the experience they live. They therefore boost their self-esteem and contribute to bringing about positive transformation in the community, traditionally dominated by men.

Since 2008, Barefoot College has trained women who have proceeded to provide sustainable energy to more than 450,000 people in more than a thousand towns, in a world where around 1,300 million people (a quarter of the world population) have no access to electricity.

Film: Bring the Sun Home

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