The popular theatre play "Ez dira aspaldiko kontuak" will be at the program of the Human Rights Film Festival

Ez dira aspaldiko kontuak

Friday, 27 March 2015

Ez dira aspaldiko kontuak will be played on April 19, Sunday, at 16:30, at the Victoria Eugenia Theater, inside the program of the San Sebastian 13th Human Rights Film Festival. The tickets are yet on sale.

This play about the post-war period in the Basque Country is the result of a joint initiative by the people of the Goierri region, and particularly Segura. An entire town and its region gather on stage with a common objective: to show the new generations and remind those who lived at the time what education and everyday life was like at the time when, despite the difficulties, Basque schools or ikastolaswere created.

The script is written by one of the first Basque schoolteachers in Gipuzkoa, Lourdes Imaz. The actors and actresses are the inhabitants of Segura: more than 30 people of all ages. In addition, several of the people who worked to achieve education in the Basque language in the Goierri region are those who recall and recreate on stage the almost clandestine meetings where the first ikastolas started to take shape.

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