Negar franko egingo zuen aitak

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia

Friday, 24 April 2015 / 16:30

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Rebuilding coexistence after the Civil War


Basque Country. Direction: Bertha Gaztelumendi. Production: Ainhoa Urmeneta / Belharra Produkzioak. Screenplay: Xabier Urmeneta. Photography: Marino Pardo. Music: Luis Camino. Edition: Lander Arregi, Imanol Luke, Marino Pardo. Running time: 41 min

LANGUAGE: Basque, Spanish / SUBTITLES: Spanish, Basque

The documentary tells –through first-hand narrations by those who lived through the events and interviews between them and the local young people– how the postwar period was experienced in a small Gipuzkoan town (Amasa-Villabona) and how coexistence was rebuilt between “winners” and “losers”. The intention is to convey the message of those events and to learn from them.

“We want our work to serve, in the first place, as a tribute to all those who suffered such dramatic events, many of whom paid for it with their lives, with years in prison or exile, and whose dreams were nipped in the bud. We believe it is a duty of justice, recognition and at least a little repair”.

TALK: Bertha Gaztelumendi (director), protagonists from Amasa-Villabona

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