Cultural Centers cycle

Damocracy (2013)

damocracy-pEkologistak Martxan

TOMASENE C. C. / APRIL 13th / 19:00

Brasil. Direction: Todd Southgate. Running time: 34 min


This is the story of the resistance of thousands of people to the construction of two gigantic dams in Brazil and Turkey. Apart from displacing thousands of people, they will also represent serious cultural prejudice for both regions.


Etxea (2014)

etxea-pINTXAURRONDO C. C. / APRIL 15th / 19:00

UK. Direction: Basharat Khan. Running time: 49 min

Documentary on the life of a rural community in the heart of the Basque Country exploring the relationship between the inhabitants of three houses: a Scottish rock climber who lives cut off from the world in an old house, two women who live an unassuming and traditional lifestyle and a group of okupas who squat an abandoned building.


La mochila invisible (2015)

la mochila invisible-pLOIOLA C. C. / APRIL 16th / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Laura Hernández Vela. Running time: 65 min

The day begins normally in the lives of Katia, Rosiván and Maite, three women with a connection. All carry a heavy, burdensome load, invisible for anyone who doesn’t stop to look at them closely, to get to know them.


Short Term 12 (2013)

short term 12-pFilmazpit

ERNEST LLUCH C. C. / APRIL 17th / 19:00

USA. Direction: Destin Daniel Cretton. Running time: 96 min


Grace is a supervisor at a foster care facility for at-risk teenagers. She loves her job and is a formidable caretaker of the kids in her charge, even if she sometimes has to struggle with her own difficult past.


Eutsi edo hil: herri indigenen salaketa, ikuspuntu eta proposamenak (2015)

eutsi-pMugarik Gabe / Agencia Vasca de Cooperación para el Desarrollo

LUGARITZ C. C. / APRIL 20th/ 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Mugarik Gabe. Running time: 45 min


By means of interviews and images recorded during the visit by representatives of Latin American indigenous organisations to the Basque Country in 2014, this documentary highlights many of the demands, struggles and proposals being made today by these native peoples.


Lurra, lana, izana... Usurbilgo emakume baserritarren ahotsa (2015)

lurra lana izana-pAIETE C. C. / APRIL 22nd / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Maitane Arnaiz, Leire Urkidi. Running time: 34 min


The farmhouse woman has played the leading part in the history of Usurbil and the Basque Country, although she has often been anonymous in her role. This documentary wants to introduce and celebrate that woman.

Beltzean mintzo (2015)

beltzean mintzo-pGarabide Elkartea

OKENDO C. C. / APRIL 27th / 19:00

Baque Country. Direction: Jon Sarasua, Sara Mijangos, Ander Bolibar. Running time: 45 min


What’s happening to American majority languages? What do the speakers of other minorized languages think of the Basques? Can the Basque experience help them in their processes of language recovery?

Hurrengo geltokia (2015)

hurrengo geltokia-pEGIA C. C. / APRIL 28th / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Iban Zunzunegi. Running time: 99 min


This documentary narrates the effect of the Franco dictatorship in Legorreta. It distinguishes between two periods: the war and the post-war resulting on the one hand from the military coup and on the other from the Basque renaissance taking place after the cold regime lasting for 36 years.

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