Human Rights Film Festival Award

Tony Gatlif

w-gatlifBorn in 1948 in Algeria, Tony Gatlif, always militant in his films and voice of the forgotten, has become in his long career official chronicler of the Romani people. Actor, scriptwriter, musician and director, he has lived since the 60s in France, where he directed his first feature film in 1975, La Tête en ruine, as yet unscreened. Later came La Terre au ventre (1978), about the Algerian War, and Corre gitano (1981), shot in Granada and Seville, his first approach to the Romani culture, followed by Les Princes (1983), where he looks at the Roma communities in the Parisian banlieues.

In 1992 Tony Gatlif shot one of his most important films, the documentary Latcho Drom, a true homage to Romani music that participated in the Cannes Festival. Later he directed The Crazy Stranger (1997), which went on to become one of his biggest critical and audience successes. Vengo (2000) saw the cinema debut of Antonio Canales. Exiles (2004) is a musical voyage through Andalusia and the Maghreb, winner of Best Director at Cannes. Liberté (2010) looks at the genocide suffered by the Romani people during World War II. In The Outraged (2012) he adapts Stéphane Hessel’s Indignez-vous! manifesto and in 2014 he directed Geronimo.

This is only a small taste of a long career packed with passion and commitment which has garnered countless awards and acknowledgements.

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