Youth International Meeting on Cinema and Human Rights

Ubik / Tabakalera / House of Peace and Human Rights / San Telmo Museum
April 15th-22nd

The Youth International Meeting on Cinema and Human Rights will take place from 15th to 22nd April, within the framework of the 14th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival and as part of the programme of San Sebastian 2016 European Capital of Culture. The working group taking part in the Meeting will comprise 30 young people: 7 from San Sebastian and the surrounding area, 19 from Europe and 4 from Western Sahara, who are studying human rights or cinema.

The Meeting seeks to promote reflection on human rights abuses and on how to favour their guaranteed fulfilment through audiovisual arts. Cinema is regarded as a very effective tool for educating people about peace and it can help train them to view their surroundings with a critical eye and notice the injustice happening around them. They will therefore have a unique opportunity to reflect, share their knowledge and experiences and apply these to practical situations, helping to develop an active public with a critical eye and improving their ability to respond to social and cultural diversity.

The assistance to one of these masterclasses is opened to filmmakers, activists and any interested person:

Films for change (April 18 / 09:00-12:00) / Sala Z, Tabakalera
Pamela Yates and Paco de Onís. Dinamization: Zacarías de Santiago

Film is an effective tool to report human rights abuses, but filmmakers who work with these issues face big challenges both during the creative and research process, as well as in its production and dissemination. Director Pamela Yates and producer Paco de Onís, internationally renowned documentary filmmakers, will deal with the challenges of human rights films from the perspective of their experience as creators promoting reflection and debate around its potential as a weapon for reporting and awareness raising.

The partners that have collaborated in the recruitment and selection of the young people who will take part in the exchange are:

Movies that Matter, Netherlands

Associazione "Cinema e Diritti", Naples

FiSahara, Algeria

City Council of Wiesbaden y University of Applied Sciences of RheinMain, Germany

VIA University College, Denmark

New Horizons Association, Wroclaw, Poland

With the collaboration of the Youth and Hostels Section of the San Sebastian Town Hall.

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