Cultural Centers Program

Omar (2013)


LOIOLA C. C. / APRIL 7th / 19:00

Palestine. Direction: Hany Abu-Assad. Running time: 98 min

Omar is a young Palestinian boy accustomed to dodging bullets as he scales the wall to visit his secret love, Nadia. By day he works in a bakery, and by night plots armed resistance against the Israeli occupying forces.


Tryouts (2015)


LUGARITZ C. C. / APRIL 13th / 19:00

USA-Spain. Direction: Susana Casares. Running time: 14 min

Being a teenager isn't easy, especially for Nayla, a Muslim American girl who wants to join her new high school's cheerleading squad.


Rastros de sándalo (2014)

w-rastros de sndaloLUGARITZ C. C. / APRIL 13th / 19:00

Spain-India-France. Direction: Maria Ripoll. Running time: 95 min

Mina, a successful Indian actress, can't forget her little sister Sita, from whom she was forced to separate after their mother's death. Thirty years later, she learns that Sita is alive and well in Barcelona. She's now called Paula, works as a researcher in Biology and has no recollection of her past.


Mensajes de frontera (2016)

w-mensajes de fronteraDSS2016EU

ERNEST LLUCH C. C. / APRIL 14th / 19:00

Basque Country-Spain. Direction: Xuban Intxausti. Running time: 68 min

Sergi Cámara has been working as a documentary photojournalist on Europe's southern border for more than ten years. For his latest project he takes photographs of immigrants who have been living in the old continent for some time, also asking them to send a message to those who have recently made it over the border. Documentary made in Ceuta in the framework of Europa Transit, one of the San Sebastian, European Capital of Culture 2016 travelling embassies.


Gora Gasteiz – Izan kolore, sé color (2016)

w-gora gazteizGora Gasteiz

EGIA C. C. / APRIL 18th / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Beñat Fontaneda Elguea. Running time: 58 min

The documentary tells us how, after the summer of 2014, Vitoria Gora Gasteiz was born, a citizen movement based on the active participation of numerous players which took the decision to make this a supportive, just and multicultural city.


Miele (2013)


INTXAURRONDO C. C. / APRIL 19th / 19:00

Italy-France. Direction: Valeria Golino. Running time: 96 min

Irene is 32 and lives alone. For some time she has been working to help suffering human beings: people who are terminally ill and want to end their agony and people whose lives are nothing but one long painful experience who want someone to help them to die.


Energia trantsizioak: piztu aldaketa! (2016)

w-energia trantsizioakEkologistak Martxan

OKENDO C. C. / APRIL 20th / 19:00

Basque Country. Direction: Ander Salsamendi. Running time: 40 min

Today’s energy model is environmentally unsustainable and socially unjust (climate change, the impacts of extractive technologies, energy poverty, corporate power, global inequality, etc.). But there are collectives and individuals all over the world who are fighting and setting alternatives in motion.


Inmigrazioa film laburrean

w-inmigrazioa film laburreanFilmazpit

TOMASENE C. C. / APRIL 21st / 19:00

Compilation of short films on immigration: Aïssa (2014), Bahar in Wonderland (2014), Einspruch IV (2012), Rétention (2013) and Se taire (2013).



Difret (2014)


AIETE C. C. / APRIL 22nd / 19:00

Ethiopia-USA. Direction: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari. Running time: 96 min

In Addis Ababa, lawyer Meaza Ashenafi has created a network providing support to poor women and children in need of legal aid. She is constantly harassed by the police and the authorities. Even so, she is brave enough to defend Hirut, a 14 year-old girl kidnapped and raped on her way home from school, who managed to shoot one of her captors before escaping.

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