Donostia Kultura
Donostiako Udala

Memorable women, women with memories

For 40 years the Franco regime silenced all interpretations differing from the official version of events during the Civil War and the dictatorship. Even more enshrouded, if possible, are the stories of the women who suffered the dystopia, but who stood up to and confronted it.

Fear, repression and the influence of the patriarchy led to the stories of these brave women, who fought for freedom and to support their sons and daughters, remaining in the shadows. At best, their testimonies, their memories, have been passed down orally in family circles.

Today several initiatives try to recover these memories and lend voice to people and collectives who suffered the violence in silence. Sharing them publicly and recognition by the community of the pain suffered could be enormously helpful in relieving the traumatic memories and paving the way to living together.

b-ama nora goaz 3

Film: Ama, nora goaz?