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17 años juntos (2016)

17 años juntos
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Saturday, 01 April 2017 / 19:00 4,50 € Tickets

SHORT FILM – Screened with the film LA MANO INVISIBLE

Spain. Direction: Javier Fesser. Production: Luis Manso / Películas Pendelton. Screenplay: Javier Fesser, Claro García. Photography: Chechu Graf. Music: Rafael Arnau. Edition: Javier Fesser. Cast: Luis Bermejo, Diana Peñalver, Milagros Monrroy, Waldemar Vidalón. Running time: 15 min


Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Audio description session (system: whatscine)

A day in the life of two couples: Pepe and Asun, on the 17th anniversary of their marriage, and their domestics Walter and Mardelina, stuck with the task of organising the entire celebration, even if it is Mardelina's birthday and they'd asked for the night off.