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Cuba beyond the revolution

Cuba-Spain. Direction: Fernando Pérez. Production: Danilo León, José María Morales / Instituto Cubano del Arte e Industrias Cinematográficos (ICAIC), Wanda Visión. Screenplay: Fernando Pérez, Abel Rodríguez. Photography: Raúl Pérez Ureta. Cast: Jorge Martínez, Patricio Wood, Gabriela Ramos, Cristian Jesús, Yailene Sierra. Running time: 93 min


Central Havana, the heart of today's Havana. Miguel dreams of escaping to New York. While waiting for a visa that never comes, he washes dishes in a peculiar restaurant. Diego dreams of living. Confined to bed and unable to move due to AIDS, he radiates energy from the rickety billet in his tiny bedroom. While Miguel feeds Diego, we discover that they live together as if they were night and day. Diego is gay, positive, full of light; Miguel is asexual, negative, dark. Diego is the hero, Miguel the antihero. Yet between the two is a contradictory and indestructible friendship built on a shared past of which only they know the secrets.