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AMA, NORA GOAZ? (2016)

Ama, nora goaz?
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Sunday, 02 April 2017 / 16:30

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Memorable women, women with memories


Basque Country. Direction: Iban Gonzalez. Production: Karmelo Vivanco, Idurre Cajaraville / Baleuko. Screenplay: Jon Gonzalo. Photography: Ramon Larrabaster. Edition: Iban Gonzalez. Running time: 62 min


Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

A documentary on the subject of women. The female protagonists of a dark episode of the Civil War. Anonymous women forced to leave their homes. Sent off with no destination, targeted simply because their husbands or fathers were fighting for the other side. They were, with hundreds of other women, the other front, the forgotten one. Victims, but heroines too. Heroines for their bravery, sons and daughters in tow, as they set out on a journey of exile. They travelled for hundreds and hundreds of miles, not knowing where they were headed. Risking their lives as they protected their loved ones, not knowing if they would ever recover their own lives. That life snatched from them. Thousands of lives of local women from the towns and villages of Gipuzkoa.

TALK: Iban Gonzalez (director), Lore Albizu (main character), Joseba Esnal (son of Lore Albizu and expert in historial memory)