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JACKSON (2016)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Monday, 03 April 2017 / 19:00 4,50 € Tickets

USA: free abortion or abortion-free?

United States. Direction: Maisie Crow. Production: Maisie Crow, Jamie Boyle. Photography: Maisie Crow. Music: Tyler Strickland. Edition: Jamie Boyle. Running time: 100 min

LANGUAGE: English / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Abortion is still legal in the United States, but anti-abortion efforts have succeeded in making it virtually inaccessible in some places and in the Deep South, often unthinkable. At one time Mississippi had fourteen abortion clinics. Now only one remains.

Since abortion was decriminalised in the country in 1973, the self-labelled "pro-life" movement has won significant cultural, political and legal battles. Now, the stigma of abortion is prolific in the America's Bible Belt, where women in poverty and women of colour are particularly vulnerable.

TALK: Rosa María Calaf (journalist, international correspondent and feminist), Arantza Campos (feminist of Plazandreok, director of the Master in Equality of Women and Men and professor of Law School)