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(H)Emen Her(e) Elkartea: Short Films

Intxaurrondo K.E. Wednesday, 05 April 2017 / 19:00 / 65'

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The (H)Emen Her(e) association presents a selection of short films directed by women on subjects related to human rights.

Sarearen oihua (2014). Arantza Ibarra. Basque Country. 15 min

A group of women artists organise an event in protest against cuts in gynaecological services in Bizkaia.

Adri (2013). Estibaliz Urresola. Spain. 16 min

After years of hard training in swimming, Adri is now at the gateway to the regional championships.

Sandorkaut (2014). Emily Lobsenz. USA. 12 min

Portrait of the acclaimed author on gastronomy and fermentation guru, Sandor Katz.

Still Alive (2016). Leire Barturen. Basque Country. 12 min

Alive, a well-known Basque graffiti artist, was forced to retire in 2006 after a stroke. Now, 10 years later, he returns to the street with the intention of resuming his passion.

Flutter (2015). Yasmina Fernández Gil. UK. 8 min

Alex crossdresser ingelesak taberna batean jasandako erasoaren istorioa. La historia de Alex, un crossdresser inglés que sufre un ataque transfóbico en un bar de copas. This is the story of Alex, an English crossdresser that suffers a transphobic attack at a night bar.

Rayuela (2016). Irene de Lucas. France. 2 min

A game where you have to be free to choose where to go, when to stop and if you want to go back.

Presentation and Q&A:

- Olatz Beobide. (H)Emen Her(e) Elkartea

- Leire Barturen (Still Alive)

- Yasmina Fernández Gil (Flutter)

- Estibaliz Urresola (Adri)