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Exhibition "The Last Man on Earth (Joan Alvado)" at FNAC Donostia


The exhibition The Last Man on Earth (Joan Alvado), included at the 17th Human Rights Film Festival, will be open at FNAC between March 2nd and May 19th.

Standing in the inland mountains of Spain, the so-called Celtiberian Mountain Range is the second most depopulated area in Europe, after Nordic Lapland. Its demographic figures are scary: an extension of 65,835 km2 and a population density of barely 7.34 hab./km2.

The Last Man on Earth is a photographic essay based on the personal hypothesis that the depopulation cannot be reversed, given that in the medium term there will be no alternative economic engine to agriculture for the rural areas affected. We can therefore perceive a future in which an increasingly greater area of the Earth's surface will be total or partially devoid of human presence. And this tendency will generate scenarios where living in these areas won't be as we know it today. The intention is to make an open reflection on the potential future of these areas and to look at our responsibility towards them.

The photographer Joan Alvado (Altea, 1979) focusses his work on long-term documentary projects seeking to break away from visual clichés and established stereotypes. His images have been published in Newsweek, The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, Bloomberg Business Week and his work has been exhibited in photography events and festivals in Spain, USA, Cuba, Turkey, France, Romania, Slovenia, Georgia, Portugal and Italy.