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Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun? (2017)

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 April 21st / 18:00

USA. Direction: Travis Wilkerson. Production: Travis Wilkerson. Screenplay: Travis Wilkerson. Photography: Travis Wilkerson. Edition: Travis Wilkerson. Running time: 90 min

In 1946, filmmaker Travis Wilkerson’s great-grandfather, a "good southern neighbour", both white and racist, killed an unarmed African-American man named Bill Spann in rural Alabama. Seventy years later, Wilkerson returns to the Old South to revisit this chapter from his past and reveal the racism that still lurks in the heart of the United States.

El pacto de Adriana (2017)

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 April 28th / 18:00

Chile. Direction: Lissette Orozco. Production: Benjamin Band, Gabriela Sandoval, Carlos Núñez / Storyboard Media, Salmón Producciones, La Post Producciones, Carnada Films, Ursus Films. Screenplay: Lissette Orozco. Photography: Julio Zúñiga, Daniela Ibaceta, Brian Martínez. Music: Santiago Farah. Edition: Melisa Miranda. Running time: 96 min

“As a child I had an idol: my aunt Adriana. In 2007 she was arrested. That was when I found out that in her youth she had worked for DINA, Pinochet’s secret police. Later, after democracy had been restored, she fled to Australia while facing a judicial process for the murder of a Communist leader. Today my aunt’s life is a nightmare. Chileans residing in Australia seek his extradition and demonstrate against him”.