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Centro Penitenciario

Richard Oribe, al otro lado de las medallas (2016)


Among the activities aimed at enhancing accessibility for people who find themselves excluded from cultural initiatives of this type, the Human Rights Film Festival will be screening the film Richard Oribe, al otro lado de las medallas, followed by a debate at the San Sebastián Penitentiary facility.

Basque Country. Direction: Iñigo Asensio. Production: Iñigo Asensio / Korima Films, Akhonmedia Producciones. Screenplay: Iñigo Asensio. Photography: Iñigo Eraso. Camara: Iñigo Eraso, Peru Galbete, Iñigo Asensio, David Carrasco, Xavi Coll, Gexan Mendizabal, Iosu Eskibel. Music: Iñar Sastre. Running time: 57 min

At the doors of the Olympic Games in Rio, Richard Oribe, the best swimmer of all times with cerebral palsy, faces the final stretch of a life filled with challenges. His personal achievement stands in stark contrast to the bleak expectations placed on him by his parents at birth. Richard Oribe, al otro lado de las medallas is a documentary about Richard’s life. A man marked by severe physical and communication limitations who, against all odds, managed to achieve unimaginable goals in his childhood and generate empathy and affection from the people around him.