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City of Ghosts
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Wednesday, 25 April 2018 / 22:30 4,50 € Tickets

Citizen journalism defies media blackouts

USA. Direction: Matthew Heineman. Production: Matthew Heineman, Juan Camilo Cruz, Matthew Hamachek, Joedan Okun, Maya Seidler / Our Time Projects, Jigsaw Productions. Screenplay: Matthew Heineman. Photography: Matthew Heineman. Music: Jackson Greenberg, H. Scott Salinas. Edition: Matthew Hamachek, Pax Wassermann, Matthew Heineman. Running time: 90 min

LANGUAGE: Arab, English / SUBTITLES: Spanish, English

A powerful documentary that follows the day-to-day struggle of "Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently", a group of activists who banded together after their homeland was taken over by Isis in 2014. The film shows how the group used mobile phones and social networks to bring the truth about life under siege. This is the story of a group of citizen journalists as they face the realities of life undercover, on the run, and in exile, risking their lives to stand up against one of the greatest evils in the world today.