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Euna (2017)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Thursday, 26 April 2018 / 22:30 4,50 € Tickets

SHORT FILM – Screened with the film DJAM

Germany-South Korea. Direction: Seung-Hyun Chong. Production: Hye-Sung Baek, Seung-Hyun Chong. Screenplay: Seung-Hyun Chong. Photography: Max von Matthiessen. Music: Chae-Eun Kim. Edition: Chang-Jae Won. Cast: Chang-Jae Won. Running time: 18 min

LANGUAGE: Korean / SUBTITLES: Basque, English

Meet Euna, a young woman, working in a factory, seeing friends, trying to come to grips with her life. But why is it that she seems to struggle so much and why do some folks behave so oddly when she is around?