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Rights of people with Down syndrome

Achieve greater levels of personal autonomy for a full and independent life (with accompaniment or support, if necessary), access employment, enjoy the same opportunities as people without disabilities, and the freedom to make one’s own decisions, such as living as a couple or getting married: these are some of the major challenges faced by adults with Down syndrome.

These and other rights were adopted in 2006 by the United Nations and enshrined in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which proclaims dignity and equal rights for all persons.

However, people with different abilities continue to face stigma and discrimination, as well as legal barriers, attitudes and an environment that does not often value their contribution to society.

And we should not forget the fact that families often overprotect their children with disabilities or that some institutions offer only care facilities. And this makes it difficult for them to develop independent adult lives.

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