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Donostiako Udala

Virtual reality

Virtual reality and human rights showing

Festival's Information Office (Victoria Eugenia Theater)
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April 20th - 22nd / 11:00 – 14:00 / 16:00 – 20:00

The constant exposure to images of conflicts and human rights violations can sometimes lead to indifference or desensitization. Therefore, virtual reality and immersive experiences can be powerful audiovisual tools for generating empathy. In fact, the UN itself already has its VR department. This exhibition shows us a new way of tackling human rights issues, featuring ten pieces that represent some of the developments in this area.

Bashir’s Dream (2016). Ángel Manuel Soto. USA. 5 min

Born into Exile (2017). Charlotte Mikkelborg. Hong Kong-USA. 8 min

Clouds Over Sidra (2015). Gabo Arora. USA. 8 min

Collisions (2016). Lynette Wallworth. Australia-USA. 17 min

Forced to Flee (2017). Zahra Rasool. Qatar. 5 min

A Journey to the Arctic (2016). Rasmus Törnqvist. Sweden-Norway. 3 min

The Last Goodbye (2017). Gabo Arora, Ari Palitz. USA. 16 min

Orgullo: un documental en 360 (2017). Javier Escorihuela, Fernando Gómez. Spain. 9 min

Profesión: niña (2018). Ignacio Marín. Spain. 3 min

Seguir con vida: Mediterráneo (2017). Anna Surinyach. Spain. 4 min

Photography: Ignacio Marín