A woman’s right to sexual self-determination

The recognition of women's sexual self-determination (something that should be guaranteed by public authorities) means that any woman has the right to be able to decide on their life choices and to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights without any type of interference.

A woman’s body is a personal and private space that she can make decisions about freely without any control, violence or coercion. However, heteropatriarchy, in the form of religious morals, punitive laws or even through violence (explicit or symbolic) is still denying women the power to make decisions about their bodies. There is therefore a dual morality at play that is permissive for men while being repressive for women.

Therefore, only a minority of women worldwide experience their own sexuality in an enjoyable manner feeling that they have ownership over their own body. It is as if our role as women is to be there "for others", regardless of where we are from, our culture or our religion.

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