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Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Sunday, 07 April 2019 / 16:30 4,50 € Tickets

Feminised jobs and exploitation

Spain. Direction: Georgina Cisquella. Production: Centuria Films, Miss Wasabi Films. Coproduction: Estudio Oído. Executive production: Belén Bernuy, Gloria Bretones, Georgina Cisquella. Associated production: Isabel Coixet. Screenplay: Georgina Cisquella. Camera: Pere Joan Ventura, Martí Urgell, Roger Lapuente, Georgina Cisquella. Music: Miguel Ariza. Edition: Roger Lapuente, Gemma Alfós. Running time: 55 min

LANGUAGE: Spanish 

Audio description session (AudescMobile) / Collaborator: ONCE

More than two hundred thousand women work as housemaids in Spain, doing a job as invisible as it is essential in the hospitality sector. This documentary looks at the lives, the problems and the struggle of the Kellys (the nickname for girls who clean hotels). While the Government proclaims the strength of the tourist industry in Spain as the flagship of the GDP, the girls' working conditions progressively worsen, leaving them with as little as 1.5 euros per bedroom.

Around 71% of all housemaids take medication every day to deal with their work, given the stress represented by cleaning more than twenty rooms in a single working day. The outsourcing of their work has left many of them off the hotel staff rosters, with no rights and at the risk of losing their jobs if they fall ill.