AT THE PHILOSOPHERS' SCHOOL (À l'école des Philosophes, 2018)

À l'école des Philosophes
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Monday, 08 April 2019 / 16:30 4,50 € Tickets

The right to education of persons with (dis)abilities

Switzerland. Direction: Fernand Melgar. Production: Fernand Melgar / Climage. Coproduction: Irène Challand, Gaspard Lamunière, Sven Wälti / Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), SSR SRG. Screenplay: Fernand Melgar. Photography: Fernand Melgar. Music: Nicolas Rabaeus. Edition: Karine Sudan. Running time: 97 min

LANGUAGE:  French / SUBTITLES: Spanish 

Five boys and girls with different mental illnesses go to school for the first time. There they will have to learn to coexist and interact with others, something that initially seems impossible, since their relationship with the outside world has never been easy. For an entire school year, the camera follows them on their learning process, watching how they develop with the teachers' help, to the joy and astonishment of their mothers and fathers. This is the adventure of a group of different boys and girls who start opening up to the world and to life.

This is the new film by Fernard Melgar, director of movies like La Forteresse (2008), Vol spécial (2011) or L'abri (2014).