Marmara – Murmurs that grow into an outcry

marmara garbia
Aiete Palace
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April 10 / 10:00 – 14:00

A practical workshop guided by the Indian feminist activists Nandini B. K. and Sangeetha Arun Sighn, seeking to reflect on and propose creative and imaginative ways of addressing the many kinds of violence in the political discourse and in the public arena.

"Mara means tree in our language, Kannada (Karnataka, India). Marmara are the murmurs under the trees, murmurs of the leaves trembling in the wind, opening new paths, listening to one another, listening to the wind. Marmara is creating new spaces, public spaces, political spaces in the search for local knowledge which often challenges all things universal. Sitting horizontally around the trees to debate, reflect and connect with life... Joining our minds, thinking about the problems, finding creative and imaginative ways to address the violence, in its many forms, in the political discourse, in the public arena".

Corinne Kumar