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Ploey – You Never Fly Alone (2018)


Learning to survive adversity

Island-Belgium. Direction: Árni Ólafur Ásgeirsson. Codirection: Gunnar Karlsson, Ives Agemans. Production: Ives Agemans, Hilmar Sigurdsson / GunHil, Cyborn. Screenplay: Fridrik Erlingsson. Animation: Dirk Henrotay. Music: Atli Örvarsson. Edition: Jón Stefánsson. Running time: 83 min

This touching animated adventure for the whole family tells the tale of a little golden plover and his problems learning to fly, meaning that he can’t immigrate to a warmer climate with his family in winter. Helped by his friends, not only will he manage to survive in a hostile world, he’ll also become a true hero.

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Leo Da Vinci: Missione Monna Lisa (2017)

leo da vinci 1 web

Friendship and collaboration, the biggest treasure

Italy. Direction: Sergio Manfio. Production: Francesco Manfio, Piotr Dziubak / Gruppo Alcuni. Screenplay: Sergio Manfio, Francesco Manfio, Davide Stefanato, Anna Manfio. Photography: Tristan Milani. Music: Marco Fedalto. Edition: Umberto Barison. Running time: 82 min

Leo Da Vinci, a young artist and inventor with his head full of ideas, is madly in love with Mona Lisa, a girl who loses her house one day to a fire. He comes up with the idea of a madcap and exciting adventure that could just maybe sort things out. He wants to find the pirate ship that sunk years ago near Montecristo Island to recover the fabulous treasure they say it was carrying. Believing that they could use the spoils to solve Mona Lisa’s problems, the two set out on what won’t be the easiest of voyages.

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Jamais contente (2017)


The puzzle of adolescence

France. Direction: Émilie Deleuze. Production: Patrick Sobelman / Agat Films & Cie, Ad Vitam. Screenplay: Marie Desplechin, Émilie Deleuze, Laurent Guyot. Photography: Jeanne Lapoirie. Music: Olivier Mellano. Edition: Frédéric Baillehaïche. Cast: Léna Magnien, Patricia Mazuy, Philippe Duquesne, Catherine Hiegel, Alex Lutz. Running time: 90 min

Aurora may not get the best marks at school and she may also be the black sheep of the family, but stupid she is not. Aged 13, she has a peculiar way of observing and confronting those around her: her family, boys, her French teacher and even her own self. Defiant and always undisciplined, Aurora explores the limits of a new phase posing her challenges and problems on another scale. While her mother and father consider sending her to boarding school to deal with her bad behaviour and her best friend turns her back on her, the boy she admires so much offers her the chance to sing with his rock band.

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