• "Jane Goodall – Researcher and peace activist" exhibition

    Aiete C. C. / April 16 - June 13

  • Awards

    18th Human Rights Film Festival

  • Jane Goodall – Researcher and peace activist

    exhibition / Aiete C. C. / April 16 – June 13

  • Montxo Armendariz and Puy Oria at the Victoria Eugenia Theater

    April 30

  • Apaiz kartzela (April 29)

    Ritxi Lizartza, Xabier Amuriza and Josu Naberan introduce the film

  • Aita Mari (April 28)

    Javi Julio (director) and Izaskun Arriaran (Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario) introduce the film

  • Álbum de posguerra (April 27)

    Àngel Leiro (director) and Gervasio Sánchez (protagonist) introduce the film


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Film database

Database of short and feature films on a variety of human rights issues.

Human Rights Film Festival Award

Since 2007, the Festival has granted this award to a personality from the film world for their outstanding work in favour of human rights.

Amnesty International Award

Every year, a jury bestows this award on one of the competing feature films.