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Friday, 23 April 2021 / 16:00 4,50 € Tickets

“Traitors” and ETA

Spain. Direction: Jon Viar. Production: Rafael Álvarez, Rodrigo Melero, Jon Viar / MGC, Hiperkinesis, TVE. Associated production: Iñigo Hualde, Sergy Moreno, Alberto López Mitxelena / Handa Movies, 5W, White Leaf. Screenplay: Jon Viar. Photography: Iñigo Hualde. Music: José Sánchez-Sanz. Edition: Rodrigo Melero. Running time: 98 min.


When only a boy, Jon discovered the past of his father, Iñaki Viar, related to ETA. Son, grandson and great-grandson of Basque nationalists, Iñaki was arrested in 1969 by the Political-Social Brigade and tried together with Teo Uriarte and Mario Onaindia at the Burgos trials.

Years later he organised the escape from jail in Segovia and, finally, in 1977, recovered his freedom. Iñaki, like many other men and women prisoners, renounces nationalism and condemns terrorist violence. Jon, a cinema aficionado, tries to understand his father's past while living among killings, kidnappings and many silences. By then Iñaki is labelled a "traitor" by the nationalist world.