16 de decembro (2019)

16 de decembro
Principal Theater Saturday, 24 April 2021 / 17:00

Spain. Direction: Álvaro Gago. Production: Mireia Graell, Álvaro Gago / Ringo Media, Sombriza Films. Screenplay: Álvaro Gago. Photography: Lucía C. Pan. Music: Xavier Bértolo. Edition: Ricardo Saraiva. Cast: Cris Iglesias, Javier Valcarce, Fran Pérez, Diego Abal, Ruth Boente, Martín Duplá. Running time: 14 min.

LANGUAGE: Galician, Spanish / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

Saturday. It is nightfall. The ball moves quickly from side to side. The bodies try to get into the gaps left by the defense. Lucía, twenty-five years old, leaves handball training and goes to look for her brother on a motorcycle under the lights of a city that she thinks she knows.