Online child sexual harassment

60% of minors all over the world have suffered some kind of harassment on social media according to a study by the Plan International organisation. It starts at around 8 years of age and intensifies at around 14 and 16 years. The minors regularly receive messages and images with sexual content, cyberbullying, insults or threats. Spanish minors state that they know those harassing them 75% of the time.

A great many cases never come to light and, outstanding among the ones that are reported, are those related to the generation and distribution of sexual material.

The profile of those who commit this type of crimes is vast: from adults who hide behind false identities inspiring trust in order to involve young boys and girls in sexual activities, to cybercriminals aged 15 to 17 years whose aim is to obtain pornographic material for its sale or use to blackmail their victims. Their modus operandi is generally extorsion, under the threat of distributing the material obtained.

In a society where new technologies are massively gaining ground and social media use is on the rise, Save the Children affirms that prevention is the most effective way to deal with this kind of violence. Education in relationships and sexuality, communication and support from the circles closest to the underage boys and girls are the most effective tools.

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