Prejudice against migrants

"They hog all the social benefits; they cause more crime; they're invading us; they take our jobs". Phrases like these represent the most widespread prejudices towards people who are obliged or decide to leave their homes. Because we mustn't forget that the right to migrate also exists.

The extreme right uses these prejudices to spread discourses on populism and exclusion. Its rise is obvious in Europe, such as that of the League party presided by Matteo Salvini in Italy. Its aim is to proliferate fear, mistrust in society and, at the end of the day, hatred towards migrants. This type of attitudes complicates intercultural dialogue, essential for getting to know one another, recognising one another, sharing and living alongside one another in equal conditions in a diverse and plural society.

In the Basque Country, initiatives like Zas! AntiRumores work hard to dissipate this kind of prejudices and negative stereotypes by using different strategies to spread and disseminate the values of interculturality and anti-racism and to influence the political and social agenda. A network of "anti-rumour agents" is therefore being woven, increasingly promoted by the public institutions, social organisations and individuals. A network which works to take root, by word of mouth, in order to prevent discrimination and xenophobia, improve coexistence and take advantage of the potential of cultural diversity.

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