Kid's and young's films

Asto Erregea (The Donkey King, 2018)

el rey burro 1

The democracy jungle

Pakistan. Direction: Aziz Jindani. Production: Talisman. Screenplay: Aziz Jindani, Kamran Khimani. Direction of animation: Zeeshan Karimi. Music:Asrar & Majid Raza, Shuja Haider, Shani Arshad. Edition: Faisal Shaikh. Running time: 85 min

The Lion King has decided to retire, and to lend credibility to his successor, he and his advisor, Miss Fitna, have decided to call elections. Mangu, a happy and humble washerman, is eventually chosen as the people's nominee and must challenge Shahzada Khan, the Lion King's "legitimate" successor. But what Mangu doesn't know is that his nomination is part of the evil scheme plotted by Miss Fitna, who plans to dethrone the Lion King and prevent his son from taking up his place so that she herself can run the kingdom through a candidate she can manipulate to follow her orders.

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Terra Willy: Planeta ezezaguna (Terra Willy: Planète inconnue, 2019)

terra willy 2

Friendship and respect for the environment

France. Direction: Éric Tosti. Production: Jean-François Tosti / TAT Productions. Coproduction: BAC Films, France 3 Cinéma, Logical Pictures, Master Films. Screenplay: David Alaux, Éric Tosti, Jean-François Tosti. Digitan animation: Benoît Daffis, Laurent Houis. Music: Olivier Cussac. Edition: Umberto Barison. Running time: 90 min

Young Willy is travelling with his parents on a space mission. When their spaceship is accidentally destroyed, Willy is ejected in a rescue capsule, landing on a wild and unexplored planet. With the help of Buck the survival robot and Flash, his new alien friend, Willy sets about discovering the secrets of this fascinating new world as he waits for his parents to come and get him.

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Vitoria, 3 de marzo (2019)

vitoria 3 de marzo 1

Massacre for exercising the right to strike

Basque Country. Direction: Victor Cabaco. Production: Pako Ruiz, Oskar Bañuelos, Asier Bilbao, Lara Izagirre / Sonora Estudios, Gariza Films, Zaramaga Films. Screenplay: Juan Ibarrondo, Héctor Amado. Photography: Gaizka Bourgeaud. Music: José Luis Canal. Edition: Álvaro Herrero. Cast: Amaia Aberasturi, Mikel Iglesias, Ruth Díaz, José Manuel Seda, Alberto Berzal, Oti Manzano, Iñaki Rikarte. Running time: 90 min

On 3rd March 1976, following several months of industrial action to demand a wage rise, the committees representing the workers at the companies where the struggle was underway had called a general strike in Vitoria, a city where an assembly movement to rally workers had been created which had the Government worried, fearful that it could spread to the rest of Spain.

In the church of San Francisco in the working class neighbourhood of Zaramaga, thousands of men and women workers gathered for a meeting. Outside many more people had come together and, in the middle of them, around a hundred armed police officers.

During the events of 3rd March 1976 in Vitoria, five workers were killed by the police after that long strike. Begoña, a young middle-class girl, was a first-hand witness of those events which shook "a city where nothing ever happens".

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