La Protagoniste (2021)

La Protagoniste
Principal Theater
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Saturday, 02 April 2022 / 17:00

Belgium. Direction: Sarah Carlot Jaber. Production: Sarah Carlot Jaber, Molly Poussart / Flim ! Productions, Patch Pictures. Screenplay: Sarah Carlot Jaber. Photography: Charlotte Marchal. Música: Ghalia Volt. Animation: Rocío Álvarez. Edition: Malena Demierre. Cast: Salomé Richard, Bwanga Pilipili, Magali Pinglaut, Ji Su Jeong, Mélodie Valemberg. Running time: 14 min.


Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

The Protagonist, by her given name, is presented to us in her natural environment: a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density. But being the side piece of the main male character is no longer enough for our dear Protagonist!