100UP (2020)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Monday, 26 April 2021 / 18:30 4,50 € Tickets

Turning 100 years of age

Netherlands-Norway-Belgium. Direction: Heddy Honigmann. Production: Rogier Kramer, Wilant Boekelman, René Huybrechtse / Dutch Mountain Film, Savage Film, Tenk.tv, EOdocs. Coproduction: Bart van Langendonck, Frode Søbstad. Photography: Adri Schrover. Music: Michelino Bisceglia. Edition: Jessica de Koning. Running time: 93 min.

LANGUAGE: English, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish / SUBTITLES: Spanish 

Seven people aged 100+ from all over the world star in this latest work from the veteran Peruvian-Dutch documentary-maker Heddy Honigmann –El olvido (2008), Buddy (2018)–. All have lived for a very long time and tell the camera about their lives today while remembering their past. These are active men and women who have lived through major historical events, who have lost many loved ones along the way and who continue to look towards the future despite their bodies sometimes failing to cooperate.

TALK: Ander Matheu (head of the Cellular Oncology group and sits on the team leading the way in Ageing Strategy at Biodonostia), Eva Salaberria (coordinator of Donostia Lagunkoia city), Axen Egaña (secretary of the Kai-alde Association for Retired Senior Citizens)