Fadia's Tree
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia Thursday, 07 April 2022 / 16:30 5 € Tickets

The Palestinian equation

UK. Direction: Sarah Beddington. Production: Susan Simnett, Sarah Beddington / Over the Fence Films. Executive production: Mia Bays, Hanna Atallah. Photography: Sarah Beddington. Music: Muqata'a. Edition: Ariadna Fatjó Vilas. Running time: 82 min.

LANGUAGE: English, Arabic / SUBTITLES: Basque

While millions of birds migrate freely in the skies, Fadia, a Palestinian woman stuck in a Lebanese refugee camp, yearns for the ancestral homeland she's denied. When introduced in a casual meeting to the director, Sarah, she challenges her to find an ancient mulberry tree that once grew beside her grandfather's house in the historic Palestine, a tree that stands as witness to her family's existence.

With only inherited memories, a blind man and a two-headed dragon as guides, Sarah sets out on her search to find the tree. This story of a journey lasting for 15-years, of a friendship that travels across a fragmented land and a divided people, reflecting on freedom (or not) of movement, exile and the hope of returning home.