Searching for Tirfas (2020)

En busca de Tirfas
Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Friday, 08 April 2022 / 17:00

Con invitación


Western Sahara. Direction: Lafdal Mohamed Salem. Production: Hayetna Mohamed Deidi / E. F. A. Abidin Kaid Slaleh. Screenplay: Mohamed Salem Salek. Photography: Ahmed Mohamed Lamin. Music: Studi Tidinit. Edition: Ahmed Omar. Cast: Hamadha Lahsan, Galia Mohamed, Alabad Brahim, Sleman Lfilali, Malainin Abdalahi. Running time: 14 min.

LANGUAGE: Hassaniya / SUBTITLES: Spanish

When you are born in refugee camps, you grow up dreaming that one day you will live in your homeland, and as time goes on, this never goes beyond being a dream... You become the father of a family, and at that moment, you have to face life to achieve self-reliance. You fight to reach your dreams and face the daily obstacles, between both worlds, you end up doing what you never thought to do.

Invitations: Victoria Eugenia Antzokia & Teatro Principal (March 25th / 11:30)

TALK: María Carrión (executive director of FiSahara), Brahim Chagaf (director of Toufa), Ahmed Moh Lamin (director of The Price of Beauty), Lafdal Mohamed Salem (director of Searching for Tirfas)