Toufa (2020)

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Friday, 08 April 2022 / 17:00

Con invitación


Western Sahara. Direction: Brahim Chagaf. Production: Jadiya Ali, Omar Ahmed / E. F. A. Abidin Kaid Slaleh. Screenplay: Hamudi Salek, Brahim Chagaf. Photography: Ahmed Omar, Haddi Lehbib. Music: Grupo Ombligo. Edition: Brahim Chagaf. Cast: Dami Labd, Nasrhala Ali, Mariam Omar, Salka Mohamed Bu Zaid, Galia Omar. Running time: 30 min.

LANGUAGE: Hassaniya / SUBTITLES: Spanish

Toufa recreates the early days of the Sahrawi population's arrival to the arid Hamada desert. This short film narrates the suffering of three generations of Sahrawi women who, with their effort and sacrifice, cured the wounds of war on their arrival to the inhospitable territory of this southern part of Algeria.

Invitations: Victoria Eugenia Antzokia & Teatro Principal (March 25th / 11:30)

TALK: María Carrión (executive director of FiSahara), Brahim Chagaf (director of Toufa), Ahmed Moh Lamin (director of The Price of Beauty), Lafdal Mohamed Salem (director of Searching for Tirfas)