Begira TÚ

Second edition of the online human rights game

begiratu logo 2022
April 1-8

We often tend to look at what’s immediately in front of us and no further. We look, but we don’t see. We pay attention to the obvious, but we ignore the hidden, less visible parts. Train your sight to see what’s behind your everyday life and the impact it has on human rights.

You have 10 questions and 3 minutes to learn how you observe the things around you and to become part of the change you want to see in the world. Participate in the second edition of this fun online game and you’ll discover that there’s another side to the tea you drink every morning. You’ll be surprised to see what’s tucked away behind the scenes of the cinema and will be astonished at the realisation that your t-shirt is more than just material.

We’ll raffle 5 vouchers among the participants which can be spent in the stores belonging to the Donostia Saretuz network in favour of conscious and transformative consumption. There are more than 50 shops, so you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Are you up for having a go?

Access the game:

begira t  giza eskubideen zinemaldiaren jolasa - el juego del  festival cine de derechos humanos de donostia 1

An initiative of the Basque Development NGO Coordinator in collaboration with San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival and with the support of San Sebastian City Council and the Basque Agency for Development Cooperation.