“20,000 Species of Bees” to open 20th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival on 21 April


The film 20,000 Species of Bees (2023), directed by Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren, has been chosen for the opening on 21 April at Victoria Eugenia Antzokia of the 20th San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, organised by the Human Rights Area of the City Council, and Donostia Kultura.

The festival will take place between 21 and 28 April at the Victoria Eugenia, the main setting for the event, and the Teatro Principal, as well as other venues around the city.

Eight-year-old Cocó doesn't fit in with other people's expectations, and can't understand why. Everyone around her insists on calling her Aitor, but she does not recognise the name. Her mother, Ane, takes the opportunity during the holidays to travel with her three children to the house where she was born, home to her mother Lita and her aunt Lourdes, deeply involved in beekeeping. The summer will transform their lives, forcing these women from three very different generations to face up to their doubts and fears.

The film, produced by Gariza Films (Bilbao) and Inicia Films (Barcelona), with associate production from Sirimiri Films (Álava / Gipuzkoa), and which was premièred at the recent Berlin Festival, is the first fictional feature film by Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren, following the shorts Adri (2012), Nor nori nork (2018), Polvo somos (2020) and Cuerdas (2022), and the feature-length documentary Voces de papel (2016).

It stars Sofía Otero (Silver Bear for Best Leading Performance in Berlin), Patricia López Arnaiz, Ane Gabarain, Itziar Lazkano, Martxelo Rubio, Sara Cózar, Unax Hayden, Andere Garabieta and Miguel Garcés.

20,000 Species of Bees will have its national premiere in the Official Section of the Malaga Festival, and will close the D'A Barcelona Film Festival.

Distributed by BTEAM Pictures, the movie will have its commercial release on the same day, 21 April. In San Sebastian, it will be premièred at the cinemas of the SADE Group.