The exhibition "Tetuán – Ext/Int-day" is open at the Central Library


The exhibition Tetuán – Ext/Int-day, from the program of the 20th Human Rights Film Festival, will be open between April 20th and May 6th at the Central Library (Alderdi Eder).

The starting point for Tetuán. Ext/Int-day is a search for places and landscapes linked to the movement of people around the world. The places that take them in and that they pass through, the people themselves, their friends and relatives, are all the focus of this presentation.

Tetuán is a non-fiction film, but also a road movie whose director captures and analyses, from a personal perspective, spaces which are both points of transit and improvised homes. The journey followed by Tetuán is a venture following the trail of the filmmaker's father, as an excuse to embark on a cinematographic voyage. With a perspective that is by turns observational and participatory, Iratxe Fresneda records and accompanies the protagonists along the banks of the Danube, the streets of Madrid, the Sahara desert, the souk of Tetouan and the Basque countryside. Like a Russian doll, its organic snapshots reveal viewpoints, landscapes, villages, everyday lives, movement, the fascination with the light or beauty to be found in the stories of the margins. The inevitable merging of cinema and this series of photographs not only functions as a filming diary, but also captures moments from the life of others, which then become part of our own experiences.

Saioa Etxebarria


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