The exhibition "Ángeles de la guarda" is open at Lugaritz Kultur Etxea


The exhibition Ángeles de la guarda, from the program of the 20th Human Rights Film Festival, will be open between April 21st and May 5th at Lugaritz Kultur Etxea.

The Bidez Bide Association, in coordination with Lugaritz K. E. of San Sebastian, will be conducting two awareness-raising activities (screening of the documentary/discussion, and a photographic reportage exhibition). They will reflect on issues concerning transnational migrations, global chains of care, multisituated realities of migrant women working as carers in Gipuzkoa, and the families providing care in these women's countries of origin.

Ángeles de la guarda is a photographic reportage and record of the people and/or families who fulfil the task of carers in the country of origin (Lima, Peru). It features photographs of grandmothers and aunts who care for the sons and daughters of Peruvian women who live and work in various places around Spain. It also recounts their story of the positive aspects and difficulties they face in performing their role and functions, and their advice on how to do things better.

Produced (in coordination) with the photographer Rosa Villafuerte Salinas.


  • From Monday to Friday: 16:00 – 20:30


Screening and Q&A
April 2th / 19:00
En tránsito (2016). Oskar Tejedor. Spain. 87 min

En tránsito is a documentary addressing the realities of thousands of women from the countries of Abya Yala (Latin America), who travel alone to Europe, with the well-being of their families on their shoulders. It furthermore deals with the consequences of this transnational relationship that they establish with the sons and daughters who remain in their country of origin, cared for by other women. The film also tells the story of the family reunions and gatherings in the Basque Country.