Exhibition “Afrotopia" at Aiete C.C.


Afrotopia is a collective exhibition featuring a selection of works produced by 35 young Africans during the Acerca (AECID) workshops designed and taught by Héctor Mediavilla in Dakar (Senegal), Niamey (Niger) and Bamako (Mali) in November 2017.

The 58 photographs making up Afrotopia enable us to reflect on the environment, sustainability, globalisation, the role of women in society, the dreams and hopes of young people and tradition on the African continent.

The photography exhibition shares the premise and takes the title of the term minted by the Senegalese author, economist and musician Felwine Sarr: Afrotopia. In his book, Sarr suggests a new way of looking at the African continent, advocating mental decolonisation and proposing an active utopia in which the continent develops its own project, rethinking the current paradigm and distancing itself from the parameters imposed from the outside.