"En el ombligo – Diarios de guerra y paz en Colombia" exhibition at Fnac Donostia


The exhibition En el ombligo – Diarios de guerra y paz en Colombia, included at the 19th Human Rights Film Festival, will be open at Fnac Donostia between April 1st and May 31st.

Fnac offers a look at the process of creating the winning graphic novel of the XIV Fnac Award – Salamandra Graphic, a remarkable exercise in graphic journalism on violence and social conflict in Colombia following the Peace Agreement brought to us by Gala Rocabert Navarro and Anna-Lina Mattar.

Midway between graphic journalism and field research, drawing on the potential of the comic, En el ombligo documents the journey of Gala, a young Catalan sociologist, to a camp of former men and women guerrilla fighters during the three years following the signing of the 2016 Peace Agreement in Colombia.

In Pondores, La Guajira, Gala not only finds a territory and men and women comrades used to the physical slog, the discipline and the pain of war, but also other ways of relating with nature, working and building as a community.

The novel, written by Gala Rocabert Navarro and illustrated by Anna-Lina Mattar, is a work of connections and contradictions investigating the need to know the world and the values of others in order to be able to take a stance on distant social problems, and to construct a fair historical memory.