20th Human Rights Film Festival organises the exhibition “Carmen Castillo, a Chilean exile” at Okendo Kultur Etxea

© Elisa Lipkau
© Elisa Lipkau


The exhibition dedicated to the filmmaker, who will in April receive the Festival's honorary prize, will be open from 2 March to 4 May.

The exhibition, curated by cultural journalist and film critic Imma Merino, takes us on a journey through the experience of the exiled documentary director and writer Carmen Castillo (Santiago de Chile, 1945). A militant in the MIR (Revolutionary Left Movement) following the coup of 11 September 1973 which overthrew the legitimate government of Salvador Allende, Castillo went into hiding to fight against the dictatorship, until on 5 October 1974 the DINA launched an assault on the house where she lived together with her partner, Miguel Enríquez, who was killed. She was arrested and expelled from the country, embarking on a long exile which led to her settling in Paris.

With the restoration of democracy she has on occasion returned to her country, but has always felt herself an exile. The exhibition draws on fragments of her most significant documentaries of "historical memory" (La Flaca Alejandra, Calle Santa Fe) and her books (Un día de octubre en Santiago, Ligne de fuite, Santiago-París. El vuelo de la memoria, co-written with her mother, Mónica Echeverría), along with texts both by Castillo and others, as well as other documents and exhibits recounting a personal experience with universal echoes.

Carmen Castillo will visit San Sebastian towards the end of April to receive the 20th Human Rights Film Festival Award (21-28 April). The award in recognition of her life and work will be presented on 21 April at the Teatro Victoria Eugenia, venue for the festival's inaugural gala.

On Saturday 22 April there will be a talk with the director and a guided tour of the exhibition.


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