Tximinoen izarra

Apstjärnan, 2021

Victoria Eugenia Antzokia
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Sunday, 23 April 2023 / 12:00 / 75' Reservations

Language: Basque

BLUE SEAT / Collaborate: Gautena


  • Sweden-Norway-Denmark.
  • Direction: Linda Hambäck.
  • Production: Linda Hambäck, Petter Lindblad / LEE Film, Mikrofilm, Nørlum, Dockhus Animation.
  • Screenplay: Janne Vierth.
  • Animation direction: Elinor Bergman.
  • Music: Minna Weurlander, Tania Naranjo.

Jonna is a very happy little girl and can’t wait to be adopted. Whoever takes her in, she’ll be content, as long as they love only her. When a potential mother rolls up to the orphanage in an old car and opens the door, she can’t believe her eyes. A gorilla! Jonna’s not sure that she wants to leave with an enormous clumsy primate. But the girl and the gorilla soon put their physical differences to one side. Will this delightful relationship survive the cunning wiles of a local authority worker and their determined efforts to drive them apart?


Invitations through the button RESERVE and at the Victoria Eugenia Antzokia from April 14.